Leo and Gustav met in London in 2013. Both sharing a passion for fitness they soon became training partners. They have since made it their mission to master the world of CrossFit by training at some of the top CrossFit facilities in the world. You can follow their continuing voyage here.

Head Coach

Leo has always excelled at endurance sports and represented Loughborough University in 800m athletics. He always varied his training with strength elements which ultimately made him a better runner. He arrived in London three years ago and immediately fell in love with the challenge CrossFit offered, the physical improvements it brought and the great community aspect. He has been coaching CrossFit in London for over 3 years and holds a CrossFit Level 2 coaching certificate. He takes great satisfaction in helping people reach their full potential.


Gustav was a strong swimmer in his early years, and progressed into becoming a top heavyweight rower, representing Princeton University at the US Nationals on various occasions. He has been using CrossFit methods for many years in his training. At 6'6" Gustav the gentle giant can sometimes be seen showing off his impressive gymnastics skills. In 2015 Gustav became a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and is known to be a very passionate and friendly coach. He embraces the social and community aspect of CrossFit and will be sure to organise frequent social events for members.